Tips For Winter Running

Photo @mattiasfredrikssonphotography

No need to be intimidated by the snow. Running is still very much possible in winter – some may argue that it is more enjoyable! The cool air, beautiful scenery and change in terrain makes for an exciting change in your fitness routine. With the Sporting Life 10k fast approaching, now is the time to start training! Here are some of our tips to make the most of your cold weather run and get your body ready for race season.

Set a Goal

Winter running isn’t for everyone – sometimes you need to have a goal in mind to make the chilly temperatures worth it. Why not sign up for the Sporting Life 10k and set out on a training schedule?

Taking place in Toronto and Ottawa on May 13 in support of Camp Oochigeas and June 16 in Calgary in support of Kids Cancer Care, the Sporting Life 10k is a great opportunity for you to try and beat that PB, all while supporting kids affected by childhood cancer. Sign up before prices go up on January 15 and get running!

Plan Ahead

You don’t want to get stuck outside longer than necessary on a cold day. Be sure to map your route ahead of time and ensure that it is a length that you can handle. Use a service like MapMyRun or Nike+ to track and plan your run. As always, be sure to bring enough water or energy chews with you to keep you in tip top shape during your run. Another important factor is the buddy system; having someone with you always makes for a safer run, especially in the winter. At the very least, let someone know where and when you plan to run in case of emergency.

Get Warm

Warming up is essential for any workout, but it is particularly important when it is cold outside. You want to give your muscles a chance to warm up before you dive into an outdoor winter workout. Do some quick cardio around your house to get your body moving, but do your best not to break a sweat; this can give you the chills as soon as you step outside!

Dress For Success

Don’t forget to gear up for your outdoor run this winter. Layering is of the utmost importance! Keep warm and dry in moisture wicking base layers, breathable shells, and seasonally appropriate accessories. Proper footwear is also key; you likely can’t get away with the same shoes you would wear for summer road runs. Much like your apparel, you want something waterproof and breathable with all-weather protection. A rugged outsole and ankle protection are also helpful for improved resistance to the elements.

See and Be Seen

Don’t forget about visibility! Stay safe on your run in reflective apparel and footwear. With reduced daylight, early morning and evening runs are subject to reduced visibility. The addition of a headlamp or reflective stripes on your clothing and shoes will allow vehicles to avoid you when running on the road.

Shop the best in cold weather running gear and get outside!