Meet them here

Andrew Obrecht

@andrew_obrecht – Doubt kills more dreams than failure every will. Play big, in every way that you can!

Robin Tuck & Louise Tee

@wyzlouisey @robintuck1 – Getting outside and climbing mountains. We love sharing the beauty of our backyard with the rest of the world.

The Featherstones

@dfeatherstone – We’ve known each other since we were 8. Devin would send me love notes via his sister. We both feel like we’re the luckiest people around.

Leigh McAdam

@hikebiketravel – I need to spend time every week in nature and outdoors doing something physical. It always puts life in perspective.

Sarah Kirby

@skirby_yyc – I love helping people grow and watching them surprise themselves.

Erik McRitchie

@erikmcr @McRitchiePhoto – I believe my life is not only about myself but that I have a responsibility to help and serve others, I try my best to live that way very single day.

Matt Mosteller

@PowderMatt – Sharing joy and the goodness of the outdoors the best that nature can provide.