Ode to the ASICS Classics

If you’re a runner you probably already know about the brand ASICS. The company was founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka and has evolved from producing basketball shoes, marathon shoes, wrestling shoes, to creating a legacy of running shoes that many of us still love today. ASICS is now a go-to shoe among runners and their footwear is known for its versatility, comfort and eye-catching designs.

So, what separates ASICS apart from other brands? It’s all in the features.

Favourite Asics Features

ASICS is always focused on making running more comfortable than ever, and they have a mission to enable everyone to achieve a sound mind in a sound body. Keep reading for some of the leading technology they’ve integrated into their shoes.

·  GEL™ technology. This technology was created to reduce impact and increase shock absorption and is strategically placed throughout the rearfoot and forefoot of the shoes for maximum comfort. It all leads to increased comfort over long distances, better stability and a more natural run style.

·  3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION™ technology. To add even more comfort to the shoe, the 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION™ technology is used in specific areas underfoot. They put a lot of thought into this technology and use different placement for both men’s and women’s shoes to ensure maximum efficiency.

·  FLYTEFOAM™. FLYTEFOAM™ is the key to providing a lightweight shoe without compromising cushion. This feature allows the shoes to be approximately 55% lighter than the industry standard while offering 76% better cushioning.

Shop ASICS Classics

GEL-Kayano® 27

The GEL-Kayano® 27 is known for its increased support and stability. Along with other shock-absorbing technology, these shoes feature the DuoMax® system, which is a higher density EVA material that helps to reduce the effect of overpronation and also enhances the normal movement of the foot.

GEL-Nimbus® 23

If you’re looking for long-run impact absorption, the GEL-Nimbus® 23 is for you. This line of footwear features ORTHOLITE®, an open-cell polyurethane foam with a patented formula used in footbeds for its antimicrobial attributes, excellent cushioning, moisture management and airflow. This makes this shoe great for longer runs on warm summer days or nights.

GT-1000™ 10

Durability is taken to a new level with the GT-1000™ 10. After 10 years of iterations, this shoe has an updated upper sole and features AHARPLUS™, a high-abrasion rubber that is strategically positioned in critical areas of the outsole, making it 50% more durable than standard ASICS high-abrasion rubber.

GT-2000™ 9

The ninth version of the GT-2000™ shoe is all about support and comfort. With an improved one-piece mesh construction, and added reinforcement in key areas, this shoe will keep you supported as your foot rolls through the gait cycle. Plus, the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ links the rearfoot to the frontfoot, reducing the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe.

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