The Best InVESTment for Fall


Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping…it looks like fall is officially here. The time has come to unlock an entire section of your wardrobe and bring out the layers! When it comes to fall fashion layering, there is one important piece that everyone should inVEST in…

You guessed it! Vests are the ultimate layering piece for autumn. We love vests because of their versatility; whether made for fashion or the outdoors, a vest is a stylish way to add warmth and dimension to any outfit. Today we’ve laid out the best 12 vests for men and women. Between fashion, outdoor and quilted pieces, dressing for style and warmth will be a breeze this fall.

Which style of vest is your favourite?

The hybrid vest: fashion meets function. Quilted vests will keep you warm while adding texture to an otherwise neutral outfit. Barbour offers the ultimate selection of stylish quilted outerwear, but brands such as Ralph Lauren are contenders to fight for that top spot. Get into the English look this fall; style your quilted vest with a pair of boots or a wax jacket!

For Fall 2016, fashion brands are coming at you with trendy vests in an array of colours and fabrics. Lovers of shearling and suede, this season’s selection is calling your name! Velvet and Esprit in particular offer styles in beautiful, soft fabrics. Fashion vests are perfect for creating transitional outfits, elevating casual clothing, or adding colour to a neutral fall palette. Whether for daytime or evening, try accessorizing your outfit with a vest this season!

For a day spent hiking through the woods or apple-picking with your family, an outdoor vest will keep your core toasty warm all day long. Down vests come in varying degrees of puffiness, from slim to Michelin Man. No matter your preference, vests from brands such as Canada Goose perform well on their own or layered with other technical pieces.