Brand Spotlight: tentree

Photo via tentree.
Photo via tentree.

The concept is simple: buy one item and ten trees are planted. That’s the innovative driving force behind tentree.

Since appearing on Dragon’s Den in 2012, this Canadian-born brand has already grown a significant fan base. With over 9 million trees planted to date, tentree is dedicated to an admirable goal. They strive to inspire consumers to take part in the preservation of the environment while adding stylish pieces of clothing to their closets.

The collection consists of a variety of apparel and accessories, with each item featuring a “treecode.” This code is used to register the product online after purchase. Customers are then able to see exactly where in the world their trees will be planted and how their purchase will benefit the local community.

tentree’s commitment to our planet is based on three pillars: stewardship, transparency, and community. tentree works tirelessly to be both socially and environmentally responsible. The company prides itself on being open and transparent about company practices, and intends for consumers to be informed about the purchases they make. Finally, tentree aims to inspire our generation to adopt an environmentally and socially conscious lifestyle.
Photo via tentree.
tentree is partnered with various not for profit organizations around the world, including Canadian Wildlife Federation, WeForest, American Forests, Eden Reforestation and Trees for the Future. By joining forces with these organizations, tentree guarantees that their reforestation efforts have the most effective outcome possible. In planting trees, your purchase not only helps to revitalize soil and provide a substantial oxygen supply to the surrounding environments, but additionally creates employment and necessary resources for local residents. In fact, the company often plants more than ten local “pioneer” species per purchase in order to guarantee that ten trees SURVIVE.

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