HEAD Tennis Racquets: the Graphene Series

head-logoWant to know the secret to always being at the top of your game? Some of the world’s top tennis players have adopted an innovative racquet technology that enables them to always play their best game possible. HEAD Tennis has introduced a new material to their equipment known as Graphene, which currently holds reign as both the strongest and lightest material in the world. Graphene is the thinnest form of carbon possible, with only a single layer of atoms bonded together in repeating hexagonal shapes.

novak djokavic graphene head tennis racquets

By adding the unique material to their racquets, HEAD has developed what is sure to become a staple item in the tennis world. The new racquet features Graphene within the handle’s shaft, with weight distributed evenly throughout the equipment from bottom to top. The changes result in an increase in shot power and accuracy, with enhanced maneuverability.  Your favourite players like Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokavic, Andy Murray and Gilles Simon have already made the switch… now it’s your turn to play like the pros!

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