Stay Safe From Commute to Cubicle


Bike Month officially starts on Monday – be safe from commute to cubicle! Ride in style on Ride to Work Day (May 29) with the best bikes and apparel for the urban cyclist. Ready-to-wear reflective pieces paired with our tips on manoeuvering city bike lanes will have you flying from point A to point B in no time, all while being seen.

Have the Right Equipment

One of the simplest ways to stay safe on the road is to have the right bike accessories. This one speaks for itself – wear a helmet! As we discussed in this post, many helmets are now equipped with MIPS, which protect your head from multi directional impact. We hope you won’t need it, but you’ll be happy you had a helmet should something happen!

If you are riding within an hour of sunrise or sunset (which you likely are when it comes to a work commute), the law requires you to have a light on your bike. Your bike must also be equipped with a bell. These things seem like common sense, but they really do make all the difference when it comes to staying safe on your bike.

Pair all of these safety additions with a lightweight, comfortable bike from brands such as Cannondale, Giant and Liv, and you’ll be cruising with the best of the city cyclists.

Ride Smart

There are a few ways to ensure that you are safe while riding your bike to work:

Ride in the middle of the lane when appropriate, or at least a little to the left of the curb. If you are riding too close to the curb, cars at intersections ahead may have trouble seeing you. This also can keep cars from passing too close on a narrow road, or keep you from colliding with an open car door.

SIGNAL! Be sure to use proper road signals when making a turn. Just as you would in a car, you don’t want your movements to take other drivers by surprise. A mirror can also be helpful when it comes to shoulder checking.

Go old school and leave your headphones in your bag. Of course this is a personal choice, but it is best to minimize distractions and be fully aware of your surroundings while cycling in the city.

Avoid busy streets wherever possible. Sometimes the fastest route isn’t always the best – rush hour traffic can be dangerous for cyclists! If at all possible, try to map out a route that keeps you on side streets to encounter fewer & slower cars. This way you can cross busy intersections as opposed to riding on them.

Reflect, Reflect, Reflect

Add extra flair to your ride with reflective cyclewear. While many of our athletic cyclewear is reflective for road safety, Sporting Life carries a few key pieces that will keep you safe and take you straight from commute to cubicle.

Arc’teryx isn’t just for climbing wear and technical outerwear. The new A2B collection is designed for everyday living and urban commutes. As the first Gore-Tex garment in its category, the Women’s A2B Hardshell Blazer features a zipperless front design, integrated stowable reflective surfaces at the cuffs and under the collar. Made from soft, and sheds rain and wind, making it perfect for the urban cyclist. Learn more in this product knowledge video:

Levi’s Commuter is another favourite when it comes to urban cyclewear. The Men’s 511™ Commuter Jean features water resistant and dirt repellent NanoSphere® technology with Sanitized® odor protection, reflective tape on interior cuffs, U-lock storage, and utility pockets. Pretty much everything you could want from a pair of jeans!


Arc'teryx Women's A2B Hardshell Blazer
Arc’teryx Women’s A2B Hardshell Blazer
Arc'teryx Women's A2B Skort
Arc’teryx Women’s A2B Skort
Levi's Men's 511™ Commuter Jean
Levi’s Men’s 511™ Commuter Jean