Denim For Days: Top 2018 Summer Styles

Finding the perfect pair of denims is one of those life long missions that tests our patience, confidence and funds. In the end you don’t find them, they find you and when that time comes they become our back ups and our go-to’s, our Monday morning at the office and even our Sunday evenings spent with family.

Over the years they have fit in with every short-lived fashion craze from Daisy Duke’s iconic style to the heavy metal era of the 1990’s. These denims have been shortened, bell-bottomed and distressed to coordinate with more than just your everyday Canadian tuxedo. Although it feels as if everywhere we turn we see denims, it wasn’t until the 1960’s when designers used their brand-new fashion liberality to take a pair of scissors to the hems of their ankle length denims and revolutionize the Fashion world.

Lucky for us, these fleeting summer months have brought back some of the most flattering denim styles.


Bermuda Short

A by-product of the early 2000’s, Bermuda style shorts have managed to continue straddling the fence between conservative and cool. Their traditional length allows them to fit well within the guidelines for casual work wear and are even comfortable enough for the bike commute home.

DISH Women’s Performance Commuter Shorts feature their lightweight L2X™ breathable fabric making them perfect for any happenings and can even be paired with blouses or your everyday casual tee! You’ll never be caught accidentally overdressed or underdressed for any occasion again.

Distressed Ankle


Realistically, we all live on the go. Gone are the days where coming home for outfit changes was a thing. Instead of throwing on another pair, we’ve learned to tuck in, pair with and even roll up our denims to fit the occasion. These distressed ankle length denims from PAIGE provide the comfortability and style of the classic skinny jean without the commitment of the often too-tight fit. Not to mention, the dimensional fringe cut off that adds a BOHO vibe perfect for the Toronto festival season.

Classic Short Shorts

Who  doesn’t wear short shorts? The shorter end of the denim spectrum has come to be the most popular and versatile of the 21stcentury. A relaxed play on the Daisy Dukes iconic style with the added bonus of the distressed DIY fringe such as the one on the Parker Vintage Cut-Off Short provide an all around nostalgic yet modern feel.