8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rossignol

“We aim to be known as the most progressive and authentic mountain brand on the market.”Rossignol

Known as a leader in the ski industry, Rossignol is one of our go-to ski brands year after year. Having been around for 110 years, Rossignol continues to innovate and defy expectations in their manufacture of skis, boots, bindings and apparel. Learn more about what makes the brand unique and how it has stood the test of time (and always come out on top)!

  1. After Abel Rossignol made his own pair of downhill skis in 1907, a brand was born. This makes Rossignol the oldest surviving brand name in skiing, and also the oldest surviving factory in skiing!
  2. Rossignol skis were used in the 1936 Winter Olympics – the first Games to include alpine ski events!
  3. While Rossignol did not invent the concept, the company’s first laminated ski, the Olympic 41, was an advance in design. In only ten years, production of the ski quickly climbed to several thousand per year.
  4. Rossignol has been associated with the biggest names in the ski industry such as Emile Allais, three time world champion in 1937. Allais worked in partnership with the brand to design notorious ski models like the Allais 60: the first metal ski used to win an Olympic gold medal!
  5. Rossignol’s first ski made out of fibreglass was the Strato 1. It featured a woodcore laminate stuck with epoxy resin and had an innovative shape with sidecuts to enhance turns. This was by far the best selling ski in Rossignol’s history.
  6. When the company was incorporated as Skis Rossignol S.A. in 1972, Rossignol had become the world’s best-selling brand of ski.
  7. By the year 2000, almost 40% of all downhill skis sold throughout the world were manufactured by Rossignol.
  8. The brand’s motto is Another Best Day, which says it all. Rossignol wants to offer to all skiers of all experience levels great products featuring modern technologies and high quality materials.
“Rossignol’s wish is simple: to share with you our passion for the wonderful world of winter sports.”
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