10 Steps to Running the Sporting Life 10k

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the days are longer, the time has come to start running! You may decide that you want to run a 10k, but are not entirely sure how to start. Don’t worry – we are here to help! We’ve put together 10 ways to make your Sporting Life 10k a run to remember.

1. Register!
You’ve signed up! You’re committed! This will give you motivation to get out there and run.

2. Set the pace, make a plan!
Depending on your fitness level and training goals, aim to run between 3 to 5 days a week. Plan your runs to fit into your weekly schedule – think of your run the same way you would a meeting…put it in your calendar! If your days get too busy and run (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) away from you, think about running first thing in the morning. Not only will it ensure you don’t miss your workout, it is a great way to start the day!

Work with either a time or a distance goal depending on what you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to take walking breaks. Start to run in 10 minute blocks and add 2-5 minutues to your duration each time you run. By run day, you should be able to run for 1 hour – 1:10 comfortably.

3. Find a friend!
Get your friends to sign up for the race with you. Knowing someone else who is training for the same run will keep you both focused and motivated.  Training with a buddy or joining a 10k training group helps hold you accountable for weekly workouts and training plans- knowing someone is waiting for you will ensure you don’t skip a run!

4. Grab your gear!  
If you haven’t already, invest in a good pair of running shoes.  They should be comfortable immediately; if your shoes aren’t comfortable, you won’t get very far.

5. Mix it up!
Try different workouts in addition to your runs. Incorporate some stretching, core exercises and if possible, add some basic cross training (cycling, swimming, yoga) to help you build strength and flexibility into your program.

6. Don’t overdo it!
Rest and recovery are key components of fitness. You can’t train efficiently if you are tired. Build at least one or two rest days into your weekly plan. Rest enables your muscles to recover and rebuild after a hard week. A training plan, is just that…a plan. The running gods will not descend upon you if you stray once in a while!

7. Tune up with a tempo!
Having a weekly tempo run (a faster-paced workout) is a great way to boost your fitness! A tempo run begins and ends with a 10 minute warm-up/cool-down. Sound complicated? Think of it as speed play. Run a faster pace for one minute, one minute jog at a slower/recovery pace. As you progress, think about increasing the faster running part and/or keeping the recovery relative to the speed component.

8. Fuel with food!
Breakfast should be a must, especially for morning runs and on run day.  Don’t forget a little protein to stay full longer and plan to eat 60-90 minutes before you start to exercise.  Some great combos can include: nut butter, whole grain bread, or consider some oatmeal with banana or other fruit.

9. Run day ready!
Make sure that you read the website to know all of the key details about the run. Arrive early on run day to give yourself time to get organized and ready. If you’re late and flustered, you will be stressed before the run even begins.

10. Stay positive and have fun!  
Whether you are a fierce competitor or a first time participant, running is an amazing activity for all levels of participation.  Solo or socializing, the important thing is to have fun. Remember – you are part of an amazing event and you are helping to raise money for children affected by childhood cancer!