Find The Perfect Bag For Back to School

A good backpack is essential to a great school year. Unlike our ever-changing outfits, we tend to wear the same one year-round so finding the perfect one for you should be #1 on your back to school shopping list.


Notorious for never going out of style, their upright structure combined with their very useful front pockets makes them a dream for the school year. They are a protective way to store your textbooks or any electronics that you need to carry for class without having to be afraid of any possible damage.

Hip Packs

Hip bags and their lightweight designs are ideal for the minimalistic students who like to carry as little as possible around school. Although they may look small, their large interior and multitude of smaller pockets allow you to better organize your school essentials.

As they are most often worn around the waist, these utilitarian bags can actually help alleviate any shoulder or back strain while simultaneously providing easier access for the on-the-go student.


Duffle Bags

At first glance, duffle bags seem like an exaggeration of how much room you really need for your school supplies. Then two weeks into the first semester, you quickly realize how many things you actually have to carry throughout the day and how little arm space you have to make that happen.

Having a place to store everything you’ll need throughout the day will cut out the unnecessary travel time between your locker or dorm room and whatever campus activities you had for the day.

When it comes to school gear, there’s no such thing as too much room.


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