Burton’s Vermont Prototype Lab: Craig’s

CraigsLogoBurton’s state-of-the-art prototype facility, located in Vermont, is dedicated to the late snowboard icon Craig Kelly. It produces over 1,300 unique snowboard shapes and 2,000+ garments for testing purposes annually. It is the most sophisticated R&D facility Burton has ever built, the new space is simply called ‘Craig’s’ and is located right next door to Burton’s global headquarters. Craig’s is where Burton can take rider feedback, build a prototype with custom machinery and then take it on the snow the next day. The ability to produce and test product daily at Craig’s and then take it to the local Stowe Mountain gives Burton a competitive advantage.

The lab includes a historic retrospective section where people can take a self-guided tour of archived photos, products and videos from the first 30 years of Burton’s history.

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(Images Courtesy of Burton.com)