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Canadian Outerwear Brands that will keep you warm


Up until now, Canada was the world’s best-kept fashion secret. Canadian brands are practical, yes, but they’re also bold, stylish, and possess that unforgettable Canadian charm. It’s no wonder why all eyes are on Canada and our much-coveted outerwear.


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Skiing Coast to Coast

Skiing Coast to Coast

Snow sports are an inherent part of what it means to be Canadian – living the Sporting Life is what we do! Depending on…

The Best of Snowboard

The Best of Snowboard

To celebrate the peak of prime snowboarding season, we’re sharing our favourite snowboard brands for 2018. Whether boards, boots or apparel, this selection offers…

Sporting Life 10K

is a running & walking event held in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary that encourages individuals to come out in support of Camp Ooch for kids with Cancer and Kids Cancer Care. #SL10K View More


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